Sunday, October 25, 2009

Russian Scam Database

Russian scam database update:

  1. Alisa Korablewa, Russia, Penza, e-mail:
  2. Elena Shipovskaya, Russia, Surgut,
  3. Zyryanova Valentina, Russia, Tomsk,
  4. Marina Rahmanova, Russia, Saratov,
  5. Irina Sultanova, Russia, Izhevsk,
  6. Nargizakhon Atamedova, Uzbekistan, Tashkent,
  7. Tatyana Bessonova, Russia, Tambov,
  8. Nigar Rzaguliyeva, Azerbaijan Baku,
  9. Olga Shtonda, Ukraine Lugansk,
  10. Irina Medvedova (Medevedeva), Ukraine Lugansk,
  11. Lesya Ignatenko, Ukraine Lugansk,
  12. Elena Dneprova, Ukraine, Lugansk, e-mail not available
  13. Nina Finogeyeva, Ukraine, Lugansk,
  14. Irina Ustinova, Ligansk
  15. Nina Chernova, Ukraine, Kiev
  16. Daria Zarubetskaya, Irina Zvanskaya, Darina Morozova - all from Kiev
  17. Boldireva Galina, Russia, Moscow,
  18. Olga Smirnova, Ufa, Russia, email not available

Indian Dating Scam

This is a a sample of a primitive attempt from a beginner scammer, which looks sooner like a spam e-mail:

From: atif mattar,

Hi Dear,
How are you doing?I am new here and you can call me Joyce,I am in search of a true and trust worthy friend whom I can trust as I have the believe that a good friend is better than a bad relative.I have gone through your profile and you met what I need in a man.I believe age,color or distance can never be an obstacle where a true emotion is flowing.I will be waiting for your message to my email here ( that I can send you my photo and also tell you more about me as I have important thing to discuss with you.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Russian Scammers Database

Blacklist update:

  1. Olga Frolova, Vorkuta, Russia,
  2. Elena Vohminceva (Vohmincheva), Kirov, Russia,
  3. Tatyana Shilova, Khabarovsk, Russia
  4. Sveta Pitomets, Kursk, Russia,
  5. Ekaterina Turgeneva (Marta Turgeneva), Chelyabinsk, Russia,
  6. Tanya Kuklina, Omsk, Russia,
  7. Elena Korneeva, Ukraine, Donetsk,
  8. Irina Tuhtina, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia,
  9. Elena Andreeva, Kazan, Russia
  10. Oksana Sedova, Barnaul, Russia,
  11. Elena Larina, Ekaterinburg, Russia
  12. Elena Novosyolova, Vorkuta, Russia,
  13. Yulia Redkina, Samara, Russia
  14. Elvira Muharlyamova Tomsk, Russia,,
  15. Svetlana Tyrnaeva, Kazan, Russia
  16. Ludmila Fedorova, Zelenodolsk, Russia,
  17. Aleksandra Volodina, Abakan, Russia,
  18. Svetlana Zagainova, Ufa, Russia

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bouquet Scam Check

This way of verifying the authenticity of Russian girl you correspond with is offered by the Russianscamcheck company as a cheap service that is intended to find out if you are not being scammed:

Bouquet of mixed seasonal flowers and gift card will be delivered to the address you provide. The company's couriers will personally visit the address, and report back with their findings within 3 - 5 business days. The report will include a description of whether the address or the recipient was found, and a photograph of the delivery, in the event that the person does exist. The service includes a check in local telephone directories in case the courier is unable to find the recipient (your virtual sweetheart). Thus you achieve 2 goals simultaneously: you discover wether there's that very real person behind that lovely place and pleasantly surprise her in case shes's what she claimes to be.

Check out new scammers blacklist additions:

  1. Viktoriya Alekseeva, Kazan, Russia;
  2. Ekaterina Neznakomova, Kiev, Ukraine;
  3. Larisa Shabashova, Omsk, Russia;
  4. Oksana Zhadan, Poltava, Ukraine;
  5. Irina Gluhova, Voronezh, Russia;
  6. Nadejda Kornilova, Zelenodolsk, Russia;
  7. Lira Morozova, Ashgabat, Turkmenia (Turkmenistan);
  8. Natalia Morozova, Cheboksary, Russia - associated with e-mail;
  9. Olga Nizovtseva, Chelyabinsk, Russia - associated with e-mail;
  10. Masha/Elena/Anna, associated with e-mail;
  11. Anna Molokanova, Novoaltaisk, Russia - associated with e-mail;
  12. Svetlana Glushkova, Medvedevo, Russia - associated with e-mail;
  13. Olya Gritsenko, Lugansk, Ukraine - associated with e-mail and noticed as operating through online introductions agency Bagira.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dating Scammer Ekaterina, Western Union Scam, Visa Scam

Following some requests from men seeking marriage abroad, specifically in Russia, we have performed some research on the Internet, and here's what we've come across:

My Loved --!

I am very happy to see your letter! I wish to tell to you many thanks, for that you do not leave me in heavy time. I see, that you understand - that to me difficultly here in the big city without your support. I am happy to read your warm gentle words. My Loved --, today I have visited the airport, I time have spent long time at the airport, considered the various prices for tickets, and as flight dates. The prices for tickets depend on a class of the plane and flight date.....

Now do your own conclusions.

Ekaterina Demeneva
Please, mind, that the picture this Russian dating scammer "Ekaterina Demeneva" may belong to a different person. Moreover, "Ekaterina" may turn out even a male:))))) At least we can tell you that this picture and these personal data are being used in a Russian online dating defraud scheme.

Well, let's go ahead, here's what you are expected to get next:

It will be very good, if you send me money through western union. It will help to issue my visa faster. Now I want you will give you the information in which to require. It is the bank address in which there is an office western union, and my full name. Here the necessary information:

Also the employee of bank has told to me that I will require in number of the control of a remittance (MTCN), I should have this number what to receive your help!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Russian Dating Scam Check

The Russian Dating Scam Check offers ways to protect yourself against being scammed in Russian dating industry. This online private investigator business can make a professional Russian scam check for western men seeking wife in Russia and other FSU countries. On their website you can find alphabetical listings with names of known Russian scammers involved in online dating fraud. This is not a law enforcement agency, but a background screening service that can provide you with a quickly updated database of names, email addresses and street addresses known scammers have used. As a flower delivery service partner, the Russian Dating Scam Check are usually the first to know about new aliases used by scam people. Check out!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Russian scammers blacklist update

Angelica Semenova from Cheboksary, Russia
Lyudmila Matveeva from Cheboksary, Russia
Olga, Cheboksary, last name unknown
Dating scammer Ekaterina from Cheboksary, Russia
Elena Gorlanova
Dating Scammer Marina Kushakova
Nataliya Kuklina
Dating Scammer Anna Ivanova from Anapa
Angelica Tesmeeva
Elena Klementeva
Larisa Koldybaeva
Sedyh Maria

Kirpichnikova Oksana from Cheboksary, Russia, airfare and visa fraud:

Sometimes Russian dating scammers work in teams that are needed for writing and sending love letters to foreigners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the sole aim to generate the profits. Ultimately that one naive random individula is spotted and seduced to rush to the neartest Western Union office thinking a desperate model quality beauty girl will soon be serving his every need. English speaking girls often hired to return phone calls to victims, posing as a girl on the picture. The scam is normally being fueled by the victim's own greed. Instead of settling for a marriage minded homely girl, he wants a slim 18 year old supermodel, even if his own appearance and financial income leaves much to be desired. Exactly for the same reason male victims of mail order bride scams will hardly report the crime out of fear of exposing himself for even more humilation.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

No scam, pre-screened Russian brides

Here's a blog, featuring selected Russian brides that are GENUINLY marriage minded:


Monday, August 24, 2009

Featured Scammer: Yulia Patrusheva, Russia, Cheboksary

Yulia Russian scammerThis girl last known e-mail address that she used is:
She is 28 old, born 08-12-1980

Other women's names that have been noticed to scam or to have attempted to scam western single gentelmen:

Yana Bazil, Ukraine, Luhansk
Yulia Hayes, Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk
Yuliya Kovtun, Ukraine, Vinnytsya
Yuliya Kuznetsova, Ukraine, Kiev, e-mail
Yelena Deyneka, Azerbaijan, Baku
Yevgeniya Skvirskaya, Ukraine, Uzhhorod or Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya
Yulia Pestilova, Russia, Zheleznovodsk
Yuliya Kiseleva, Russia, Kazan, e-mail address:
Yulya Yavorskaya, Ukraine, Luhansk (Lugansk),
Zarina, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, is known to have used e-mail address
Yana Koroleva, Ukraine, Kiev
Svetlana, Ukraine, Donetsk, e-mail address:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Russian scammer blacklist update

Natalia from St.Petersburg, aka Galina (Galia) – Slaviansk. This photo may actually belong to a different person who could have become a victim of the identity theft.
More scammers:
  • Fokina Nadya, Kherson, Ukraine
  • Belova Eleonora (aka Lida Koshvenko) from Odessa, Ukraine
  • Andreeva Maria, Volgograd, Russia,
  • Andriyanova Natasha, Tuymen, Russia,
  • Balytska Iryna Bogdanivna, Rogatin (Rohatyn), Ivano-Frankivsk Region, Ukraine
  • Angela, Tashkent Uzbekistan,, suspected of visa/ticket scams
  • Arbenina Diana, Riga, Latvia. Other names used: Tamara Gataullina, Uliya Suslova, Ekaterina Belyh, Tamara Tikinia, Ekaterina Belyh, Julia Solodovich
  • Baranyuk Irina, Odessa, Ukraine
  • Baranova Albina, Chita, Russia
  • Batstrakova Ekaterina, Kazan, Russia
  • Belorykova Olesya, Omsk, Russia
  • Ermakova Tatyana, Tyumen, Russia
  • Erina Angelika, Berezovka, Russia
  • Bronnikova Olga, Vorkuta, Russia (Syktyvkar, Russia)
  • Fomina Tamara, Omsk (Nikolaevyka), Russia, e-mail:
  • Natalia Nikitina, Arkhangelsk, Russia
  • Rumia Heyrullina, Tyumen, Russia
  • Irina Galkina, Samara, Russia
  • Nailia Mamleeva, Balakovo, Russia - visa and ticket scam
  • Furzikova Larisa, known scammer from Yoshkar-Ola, Republic Mari-el, Russia
  • Berezina Julia (aka Tatyana Sidulova), Novosibirsk, Russia
  • Recommended: Antiscam Guide

    Friday, August 21, 2009

    Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova from Yoshkar-Ola

    These are the pictures associated with the name used by this scam artist:

    The known email addresses this Yoshkar-ola scammer (she or he) uses are:,,,,

    An anonymous gentleman wrote about this person the following:

    "Hi There...Just thought I'd let you know that I have also had lettersd from this scammer calling herself Viktoria, and using as an email address. Reckons she's from Kirov and has just finished legal studies there, but it turns out they do not run legal courses at Kirov. I became suspicious about this, and also the times at which various letters were sent. A young unemployed lady would not be out and about at two and three in the morning. Pity she isn't real. She sent me the same pictures as these and one or two more where she looked even more delicious..."
    This scam artist's name (or AKA) can also be Viktoria Mamaeva. As her (his) home address she (he) also used: Kazan, Pervomayskaya street 45-24, 420000. She's also known to have used the names such as Svetlana Howralewa, Faniya, Marina Earina.
    Here's yet another photo:

    This "Ekaterina Rozhentsova" (from Yoshkar-Ola?) uses translation software and sends her scam letters in German, French and other languages. Here's an abstract from her scam letter:

    " my pupils soon very serious concert from which depends Their further destiny. We very long with them rehearse. In revival I went to the grandmother on a visit. I have got tired today very much on work. But the weariness has passed after I Has received your letter."

    Maybe these lines are familliar to you as well? :)))))))

    By the way, here's a Russian dating agency I highly recommend: Elena's Models. All girls pre-screened! This is the place you can meet absolutely safely.

    Wednesday, August 19, 2009

    Blacklist of Russian Dating Scammers. Beware!

    Review the list of online dating scammers from Russia and other FSU countries, that have been reported recently:
    1. Anna Ogannisyan, associated with the following e-mail addresses:,,
    2. Ekaterina Meteleva, Omsk, Russia,, also was reported to have used the dating/introductions website
    3. Dariya Glushenko, Donetsk, Ukraine, known to have used e-mail
    4. Mariya Shubenkina, Zvenigovo, republic Marij-el, Russia. AKA Elana, AKA Yuliya Yanaeva
    5. Svetlana, associated with e-mail
    6. Tatyana, Pavlovsk, Russia, e-mail:, uses fake pictures
    7. Natalya Golowina, Osinniki, Russia
    8. Veronica Petrova, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
    9. Anna, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
    10. Elena Shuskaeva, Kanash, Russia. 28 years old
    11. Anna Nesterova, Saransk, Russia
    12. Yuliya Kuzminykh, Cheboksary, Russia
    13. Kseniya Gayvoronskaya, Kherson, Ukraine
    14. Marina Aleksadrovna, Yoshkar-Ola
    15. Anastasiya Dunaeva, Yoshkar-Ola
    16. Liudmila Banahovskaia, Chisinau, Moldova
    17. Anastasia Golovina, Cheboksary, Russia
    18. Viktoriya Alekseeva, Zelenodolsk Russia

    Please, mind, that these are just names that have been noticed as associated with actual scams or scam attempts. They may belong to other persons or can be fake. Quite often Russian scam girls and women are involved in identity theft and can use the names of real persons who might be totally unaware their identity is being misused by a different person.

    Monday, June 1, 2009

    Who Is Scott Roeder who killed Dr. George Tiller?

    Find out NOW, the information is HERE

    Saturday, May 23, 2009

    Natalya Egoshina

    Here are the pictures associated with this scammer. Actually they may belong to a different person, and may be just stolen.

    Wednesday, May 20, 2009

    Visa and tickets scam

    One same person using different photographs, names and addresses. This scammer can be either woman or man, or a group of perpetrators - don't get involved!

  • Tamara Repina (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia)
  • Anastasia Vetrova (Magadan/Russia) aka Tamara Repina (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia)
  • Irina Chikalina aka Tamara Repina (Irkutsk, Russia)
  • Marina aka Tamara Repina

    Andrew from the USE writes:
    This girl is definitely scammer and is not interested at all in getting married. It is quite possible that she uses other person's first and last name, and her pictures can be fake either. She contacted to me from an online singles ad website, and was very sweet in her writing and produced an impression of being innocent and honest girl. What put me on alert, was the fact that when I wanted to talk to her by phone through interpreter I hired for that purpose, she refused telling me she lives in such poor conditions her appartment didn't even have a phone. But she kept writing at with astonishing frequency, and her style was really hard to resist, even if my suspicions grew. After my persistent requests she final gave me an address telling she there lives in Yuzhno-Sakhalink with her mother. A friend of mine suggested that I do a little test by sending her flowers through international Russia based flowers/gifts delivery service. When I did, several days later I got email notification from the service that even the address didn't exist, say nothing of the person. This Tamara Repina or whoever stands behind her is definitely a scammer, so, please, put her on your blacklist of the names of known Russian scammers so that other single men wouldn't get trapped and become victim of the defraud scheme that girl or people posing as that mail order bride Repina, who may be totally fake as well as her scam letters. She had asked me for money to pay for her visa and air tickets so she would immediately visit me in America in order to get married.

    More scammers names: Mariya Zherbryova - Russia, Cheboksary * Mariya Musunova - Russia, Penza * Mariya Tarnovskaya - Russia, Azanovo * Mariya ( Masha) - Russia, Cheboksary * Mariya Timofeeva - Ukraine, Rovno * Nastya Buslova - Russia, Cheboksary * Nailia Mamleeva - Russia, Balakovo * Nastiya Ryabinina - Russia, Kazan * Natalya Krusanova - Russia, Kazan * Natalya Davidenko - Russia, Samara * Natalya Egoshina - Russia, Zvenigovo * Natalya Kudryavtseva - Russia, Kirov * Natalya Skobeleva - Russia, Yoshkar-Ola * Natalya Zepka - Moldova, Tiraspol * Natalya Zvereva - Russia, Yoshkar-Ola * Natalya Malkova - Russia, Yoshkar-Ola * Natalya Grigoreva - Russia, Yoshkar-Ola * Natalya Ochimkina - Russia, Volgograd x Russia, St. Petersburg *
  • Monday, May 18, 2009

    Alena Ovchinnikowa (Ovchinikova)

    Alena Ovchinnikowa (Ovchinikova)is a scammer from Moscow, and she is our latest addition to the blacklist.


    Olga Mitrophanova (Mitrofanova)
    Oksana Uporova
    Anastasiya Mokova
    Olga Smirnowa (Smirnova)
    Alena Kashina
    Yuliya Iurkowskaya (Yurkovskaya)
    Oxsana (Oxana,Oksana) from Chisinau, Moldova
    Elvira Gallyamova
    Anjelina Shvaljova (Angelina Shvalova/Shvalyova/Shvaleva)
    Olesia Bayazova (Bajazova)
    Olesya Bajasova (Bahasova)
    Ekaterina Nevyada
    Swetlana Tchernykh (Svetlana Tchernik)
    Elena Vlasova
    Anastasya Koshkina
    Evgeniya Molokowa (Molokova)

    Russian scammers blacklist

    Russian scammers blacklist
    Reshnikova Anna - Lugansk, Ukraine
    Kondrusova Olga - Lugansk, Ukraine
    Smirnova Natalia
    Kasyan Yana (aka Burak Tatyana?) - Makeevka, Ukraine
    Batsman Viktoriya - (aka Grechuha Yulia, aka Potapenko Viktoria) - Lugansk, Ukraine
    Chebrukova Irina (Ira) - Chuguev, Ukraine
    Polevschikova Anastasiya - Kazan, Russia
    Kuznetsova Olga - Kirov, Russia
    Yablokova Ekaterina (Muhligina Tatyana) - Nizhni Novgorod, Russia
    Demina Tatiana - Lugansk, Ukraine
    Bondarenko Elena - Lugansk, Ukraine
    Meshkova Maia - Ryazan, Russia
    Pirogova Luba (aka Berezina Tatyana, aka Medyanik Elena) - Volzhsk, Russia
    Melnik Lesya - Lugansk, Ukraine
    Tupitsina Marina - Ivanovo, Russia
    Nizovtseva Olga - Tomsk, Russia
    Lipova Olga (aka Liya aka Gren Elena) - Lugansk, Ukraine
    Kazimirenko Marina - Kremenchug, Ukraine
    Glushkova Svetlana (aka Olga Nizovtseva from Samara) - Kazan, Russia
    Malenkova Olga - St Petersburg, Russia
    Zaletko Valentina (aka Valya) - Gomel, Belarus / Nikolaev, Ukraine
    Posad Svetlana - Kremenchug, Ukraine
    Tyryshkina Tatyana & Shmyglenko Victor - Yalta, Ukraine
    Maxymova Olga - Nikolaev, Ukraine
    Vasileva Veronica (aka Ivanova Diana) - Volgograd, Russia
    Inna Konstantinova - Tolyatti, Russia
    Belyanina Ekaterina - Seversk, Russia
    Novoselova Ekaterina - Pskov, Russia
    Trofimovskaya Julia - Lugansk, Ukraine
    Rozhentsova Elena - Yoshkar Ola / Moscow

    Friday, May 15, 2009

    Green Card Scam Is Worse Than Immigration Visa Scam

    Among variety of Russian dating/marriage scam types the so-called Green Card Hunter scam is considered the most dangerous, and this is for good reason. These women target not just American men, but also men from Canada, Great Britain, Australia, or generally any other western country offering good standard of living. They regard single western marriage minded men as sort of vehicle to help them immigrate and receive permanent residence status within the shortest possible period of time. Potential victim needs to be rich enough to be able to bear all visa and the immigration process expenses, and possibly, if looking further, be capable to pay good financial settlement when ending in divorce (for the divorce is also what they normally plan while still in Russia or Ukraine, or any other former USSR country).

    Typically this sort of scammer is a woman with a child from her previous marriage to a Russian husband, and often after a second divorce, greedy for gifts, emotionally unstable, with abrupt changes in her mood, but generally with a clean background record. Even if you hire a private investigator to run sort of a background check on her before making up your mind to travel to Russia to meet her in person, you'll discover nothing special except for her divorced status or that she's actually in the process of divorcing her Russian husband (maybe, the second one).

    Normally these con artists are well aware of the fact that legislatures of the developed countries of the West have enacted strict laws providing for protection of foreign spouses of their citizens, and they are informed about the ways they could benefit from those provisions, namely from the right to keep the right to apply for residential status/citizenship in case of getting a divorce on pretext of being abused in spousal/domestic relationship. It is to be taken into account that these Russian female scammers are typically sly enough to fake the signs and even produce witnesses of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse that actually took no place in reality. Creativity is what they by no means lack.

    In many cases they would instruct their own child or children what to say so their accusations against their American or Western European husband would look and sound convincing. The existing legal system of the western countries makes it very difficult for husbands of mail order wives to prove they are innocent victim of a trivial Russian marriage scam that had started online on the Internet many months ago, rather than abuser or offender. Laws do protect a woman and her children. If ultimately you do turn smart enough and act intelligently to defend yourself, you, as a husband, all the same will end up emotionally broken, and good for you, if not totally destroyed financially. Therefore think twice, or better ten times before hurrying to enter marriage during the time she is still on her fiancee visa stay in your country. Think carefully, observe her behavior, and do not hesitate to dismiss you plans of marriage should you notice any small unfamiliar and unpleasant signs of behavioral change in her. Hopefully you'll be not that one western man a Green Card scammer designated as a victim to be used in her predatory plans. Remember, such scam minded woman is who normally would leave the marriage as easily as she had entered it, leaving her (next) husband relieved from his financial savings and good thing for man, if not with unexpected burden of new financial obligations like court ruling ordering to support her until she finds new source of income.

    Love on the Internet

    Perhaps today's most popular form of meeting new friends and starting intimate relationships is through the internet, rather it be a dating service or various chat rooms. With such a rising popularity in this trend, I feel compelled to tell a short story and provide a few suggestions that may help you protect yourself from some of the evil and insanity lurking in those dark cyber-corners.

    First the story: I recently had a young man as a client who after having a three-year cyber relationship with a "female" we'll call Cindy, he was contacted by a third party "mutual friend" and told Cindy had taken her life; the client was devastated. My investigation quickly revealed Cindy and the mutual friend were one in the same, a young male adult... Read full story

    Thursday, May 14, 2009

    Scam Marriages - Another Side of Sham Marriage Intention?

    Sometimes Americans enter sham marriages with foreigners to help them by-pass certain immigration laws. And certainly, they do that not just like that, but for a monetary reward. In 2006 an employee of Arlington county clerk office, scrutinizing certain public records before archiving them, paid attention to somewhat unusual number of marriages with foreign nationals registered within a short period of time in the jurisdiction.

    Finally 24 persons faced charges either for facilitating sham marriages or marrying illegal immigrant for money. True thing, none of the fake "spouses" originated from Russia - most of them were from African country Ghana. From the US citizens involved in the fraud scheme, several already had criminal record, including one felon and one sex offender. Further investigation into the matter triggered the discovery of over thousand of fake marriages in Washington D.C. and the state of Maryland. Many of those fraudulent marriages had purpose of allowing illegal immigrants to get legal status of residence in America.

    Wednesday, April 29, 2009

    Saudi marriage scams

    According to a survey performed by a group of Saudi Arabia sociologists, there's a valid issue of non-Saudi women who seek marriage with Saudi men applying for divorce as soon as they get citizenship. Among the leading reason of them doing so are:

    • eligibility to claim social security
    • eligibility for business loans from the Saudi Credit and Saving Bank
    • a wish to marry another foreigner, who'd be this time non-Saudi national and who needs a Saudi based formal sponsor (for reward) to be eligible to run business in the SA.

    "These type of marriages are done for a certain purpose and they occur a lot in western Saudi Arabia. The rate of divorce in such cases is 3 to 4 out of every 10 marriages," said Saudi lawyer and legal consultant Wail Joharji.

    Sunday, April 12, 2009

    No-scam dating agency

    Pre-screened ladies are featured on another blog, see photopersonals now. Fresh brides from Russia are online. Please, visit, communicate, and share your experience with other gentlemen.

    Friday, February 13, 2009

    Russian scammers blacklist updated. Olga

    I do not know how to begin, because I am new in it. I have never thought that I will use internet to find a right person for myself., but it was necessary to make it.Then I to address in the Internet agency of acquaintances and to learn your address of mail. Also has decided to write to you. and think that you are interesting person, do not you think so??? :)) And I would like to try to communicate with you and learn you. What do you think? I think maybe we can find something general between us, and become good friends, andmaybe more, time will show. You can also look at myPhoto and decide write me back or not, but I would like you to answer of course:))). Now I shall wait the answer from you on my address: ( free to write meI will wait for your answer very much.Little kisses :))Olga.

    This e-mail was received from Yes, she is really "new in it", so she's not so far too inventive. :)

    Here's one more Elena trying to scam western men

    You gave me your e-mail on dating site, I am so sorry for long reply,but I hope that you can remember me? Anyway I would like to continueour correspondence if you will not be against, ok? Answer me soon,I will be waiting for you
    Sincerely Elena

    If anyone was scammed by this con artist, feel free to post your comments

    Russian scammer Elena, who contacts men from

    Here's one of the e-mails this Elena sent to one of her designated victims, who was smart enough to report her:
    Hello, my name is Elena.
    I’ve found your profile at megafriends.comI’m looking for some kind of seriously relations, and dating. I liked your profile, so hope you will reply to me. I attached my photo, so you can watch at me.About me… I like sport, and i live in active tag. I like to read, and listen music, want to find some one who reallykind, who will care about me, who will loves me…Well more information i’ll write you on your reply.
    The scammer uses e-mail address

    Sunday, February 1, 2009

    Albahtina Olga - Dubovka, Russia

    Details: Olga contacts single western marriage minded men from Yahoo Personals using pre-written letters. She's alleged to have scammed US$ 1,100 for visa and tickets. Scams many men at the same time. For contact uses phone # 902 670 2257 and email

    First found on

    Abromova (Abramova) Natalia (Natasha) - St. Petersburg, Russia

    Details: This girl would send you her passport and visa details. Once you have exchanged a couple of e-mails, she would say she's willing to come to your country and send you scanned photos of her air tickets. Afterwards the scammer would ask men for $US 600 so she would be allowed to leave Russia ( St Petersburg). She asks to send the money via Western union. Once cash arrives, she just "disappears".

    Known details associated with this scammer girl: Phone: 011-7-812-950-2437 Address: St. Petersburg 194357, Moskovsky Street 40, #20, Russia Email:,

    Abdulina Olga Vladimirovna - Kazan, Russia

    Information associated with this picture and these personal details: "Visa and tickets" scam. The fraud scheme normally looks like following: the girl (or whoever stands behind her) initiates the contact, falls in love with you, wants to visit you, asks money for visa and tickets.

    Phone: 902 670 2257 Email:

    Whoever was scammed by this perpetrator, feel free to post comments!