Thursday, February 25, 2010

How Russian Prostitution Is Linked To Russian Mail Order Brides

Researcher Donna Hughes discusses the rise of "marriage agencies" in response to a growing supply and demand for "Russian brides". The introduction of Russian women into the market (of pre-arranged marriages) saw demand grow even greater. In 1998, there were over 200 agencies operating in the United States which had helped spur 747 U.S. fiancee visas issued to Russian women and 282 visas issued to women from Ukraine in 1997.

The results from such arranged marriages vary... However, many women are willing to take the chance, whether through marriage agencies or through independent migration to Western sex industries. As scholars Sue Bridger and Rebecca Kay argue, when conventional employment prospects are so poor, ordinary jobs are by no means risk-free and the spectre of years of poverty haunts millions, they may well feel they have very little to lose." Scholar Laura Agustin’s research with various sex workers in Europe vividly demonstrates the dilemma. In one interview, a Ukrainian woman who had migrated to Spain reflected on her decision to migrate:

    Life is very hard there, because there is no work. Today I sent money to my mother… to pay for her house. You work, work, work and then they don’t pay you, because there’s no money. For example, I worked in an ashtray factory, and when there was no money to pay me they said "take ashtrays", 100 ashtrays. So? Can you eat ashtrays?

From the October 2006 research by Katherine P. Avgerinos "From Vixen to Victim: The Sensationalization and Normalization of Prostitution in Post-Soviet Russia".

Katherine P. Avgerinos graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Slavic Studies and History from Connecticut College, where she served as both the Chair of the Slavic Studies Student Advisory Board and the President of the Russian Club.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Scammers from Saransk, Russia

Olga Patsyuk, Russian dating scammer on blacklist

This is the picture that was used by a Russian dating scammer associated with the name Olga Patsyuk from Saransk. Actually, the picture may belong to a different person, as well as the identity Olga Patsyuk may be stolen too.

Other russian dating scammers from Saransk with some details:
1) Julia Gorodnicheva - Komsomolskaya 2-78, Saransk or Khmelnitskogo 12-76, Novosibirsk or Sverchkova St 3-35, Cheboksary, Russia
2)Iraida Belyaeva - Saransk Russia
3)Julia Gorodnicheva - Saransk Russia


  • Nastya Pajduganova - Saransk Russia
  • Somova Saransk
  • Olga Rozkova Saransk
  • Korotkova Saransk
  • Natalia, from Saransk, Russia
  • Rozkova, Saransk,
  • Natalia Volkova, or Nataliya Volkova Saransk
  • Marina
  • Nastya Afanaseva
  • Olga Rozkova Saransk
  • Elena, Saransk, uses e-mail address
  • Scammer Anastasia Fedorova from Sransk, Russia, caught trying to pursue visa/tickets type of scam. This scammer may be a person of any gender, and normally he/she uses photos that belong to other women.
  • Svetlana Gausheva,, scams single gentlemen asking for correspondence expences through Western Union
  • Snezhana Fiodorova (Fedorova)
  • Yulia Korobkova from Saransk, Moldova (Moldovia, Moldavia)
  • Valeriya (Valya) Shaygardanova - Gagarina St 38a, Saransk , Russia
  • Anastasiya Semenova Titova Street 144, Saransk , Russia
  • Evgeniya Schegoleva from Saransk, Russia, was seen operating via yahoo personals, asked to wire her money for visa
  • Valya Shaygardanova, Russia Saransk 38A, 9 Gagarina Str, associated with e-mail

  • Ekaterina Gulyanova,, Saransk Russia
  • Maria (Masha) Milogradskaya - Mira St 5-1, Saransk, Russia
  • Olga Kovalenko, Olga Patsyuk from Saransk, Russia

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    Thursday, February 11, 2010

    Natalia Erdyakova

    This Russian girl (or someone using this identity) presumably operates from Kiev (Ukraine) or Kirov (Russia), has been noticed to use the following email addresses:,,,, but can be expected to use other e-mail addresses too. More photos photos will follow. There was a complaint on several anti-scam sites on the Internet from a man from Germany by name Thomas saying:

    "I was recently scammed out of 500 Euro from someone using the name Natalya Erdyakova. I sent her the money via Western Union. Since then I never heard from this girl."

    This Russian scammer normally would say she (he) doesn't have phone number.

    Olga Zhelonkina - Irkutsk, Russia * Oriana Shakhova * Ozodhon Ubaydullaeva - Komsomolskaja St 11a-10, Orsha, Vitebsk , Belarus * Polina Ageeva * Andzelevich (Andzelewich) * Astapova * Natalya Rybakova Efremov, Tula, Russia * Natalya Rizhikova * Partizanskaya Petersburg Russia * Natalie Salikova – Lugansk * Donetsk, Ukraine * Natalya Samoilova, Ufa, Russia * Natalia Saribalaeva (Sarabelaeva) * blacklist * scammers database update * Margarita Mihalskaya * Mariya Akulitch * Maria Alexandrova

    Monday, February 1, 2010

    Fake ads and professional flirts on Yahoo and

    Two lawsuits were filed in California, separately accusing both in fraudulent practices of the sort. In the case the resident of Orange County, Ca, Matthew Evans accused the resource of of using "date bait" — employees who pretend to be regular subscribers that flirt with members. The lawsuit claims online daters are often approached by date bait before their subscriptions are about to expire. Scam victims receive "winks" and e-mails intended to trick them into renewing their membership.


    New addition to Russian scam blacklists by another resource:
    Zoya Vasilenko (Lugansk, Ukraine)
    Yelena Bibik (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
    Yulya Shirokova (Kremenchug, Ukraine)
    Tatyana Lebedeva (Syktyvkar, Vladivostok, St.Petersburg, Saratov, Russia)
    Tetyana Kharchenko (Lviv, Ukraine)
    Olga Maximova (Nikolaev, Ukraine)