Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Russian Scammers Database

Blacklist update:

  1. Olga Frolova, Vorkuta, Russia, peach26@yandex.ru
  2. Elena Vohminceva (Vohmincheva), Kirov, Russia, millenium555@mail15.com
  3. Tatyana Shilova, Khabarovsk, Russia
  4. Sveta Pitomets, Kursk, Russia, svetlana_pit_25@mail333.com
  5. Ekaterina Turgeneva (Marta Turgeneva), Chelyabinsk, Russia, magnificence@land.ru
  6. Tanya Kuklina, Omsk, Russia, tanyarussia@fromru.com
  7. Elena Korneeva, Ukraine, Donetsk, Korneeva@hotpop.com
  8. Irina Tuhtina, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, irinann@mail2k.ru
  9. Elena Andreeva, Kazan, Russia
  10. Oksana Sedova, Barnaul, Russia, sedova_oksana@inbox.ru
  11. Elena Larina, Ekaterinburg, Russia
  12. Elena Novosyolova, Vorkuta, Russia, krasotka000@yandex.ru
  13. Yulia Redkina, Samara, Russia
  14. Elvira Muharlyamova Tomsk, Russia, elviranda@front.ru, muhaelvira@mail333.com
  15. Svetlana Tyrnaeva, Kazan, Russia
  16. Ludmila Fedorova, Zelenodolsk, Russia, Line40@yandex.ru
  17. Aleksandra Volodina, Abakan, Russia, volodaleksa@yandex.ru
  18. Svetlana Zagainova, Ufa, Russia

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bouquet Scam Check

This way of verifying the authenticity of Russian girl you correspond with is offered by the Russianscamcheck company as a cheap service that is intended to find out if you are not being scammed:

Bouquet of mixed seasonal flowers and gift card will be delivered to the address you provide. The company's couriers will personally visit the address, and report back with their findings within 3 - 5 business days. The report will include a description of whether the address or the recipient was found, and a photograph of the delivery, in the event that the person does exist. The service includes a check in local telephone directories in case the courier is unable to find the recipient (your virtual sweetheart). Thus you achieve 2 goals simultaneously: you discover wether there's that very real person behind that lovely place and pleasantly surprise her in case shes's what she claimes to be.

Check out new scammers blacklist additions:

  1. Viktoriya Alekseeva, Kazan, Russia;
  2. Ekaterina Neznakomova, Kiev, Ukraine;
  3. Larisa Shabashova, Omsk, Russia;
  4. Oksana Zhadan, Poltava, Ukraine;
  5. Irina Gluhova, Voronezh, Russia;
  6. Nadejda Kornilova, Zelenodolsk, Russia;
  7. Lira Morozova, Ashgabat, Turkmenia (Turkmenistan);
  8. Natalia Morozova, Cheboksary, Russia - associated with e-mail baby_girl160879@mail.ru;
  9. Olga Nizovtseva, Chelyabinsk, Russia - associated with e-mail baby_love@mail15.com;
  10. Masha/Elena/Anna, associated with e-mail babycool@front.ru;
  11. Anna Molokanova, Novoaltaisk, Russia - associated with e-mail babyruss4@myfreeemailbox.com;
  12. Svetlana Glushkova, Medvedevo, Russia - associated with e-mail BabyS1@yandex.ru;
  13. Olya Gritsenko, Lugansk, Ukraine - associated with e-mail BagiStar@ukr.net and noticed as operating through online introductions agency Bagira.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dating Scammer Ekaterina, Western Union Scam, Visa Scam

Following some requests from men seeking marriage abroad, specifically in Russia, we have performed some research on the Internet, and here's what we've come across:

My Loved --!

I am very happy to see your letter! I wish to tell to you many thanks, for that you do not leave me in heavy time. I see, that you understand - that to me difficultly here in the big city without your support. I am happy to read your warm gentle words. My Loved --, today I have visited the airport, I time have spent long time at the airport, considered the various prices for tickets, and as flight dates. The prices for tickets depend on a class of the plane and flight date.....

Now do your own conclusions.

Ekaterina Demeneva
Please, mind, that the picture this Russian dating scammer "Ekaterina Demeneva" may belong to a different person. Moreover, "Ekaterina" may turn out even a male:))))) At least we can tell you that this picture and these personal data are being used in a Russian online dating defraud scheme.

Well, let's go ahead, here's what you are expected to get next:

It will be very good, if you send me money through western union. It will help to issue my visa faster. Now I want you will give you the information in which to require. It is the bank address in which there is an office western union, and my full name. Here the necessary information:

Also the employee of bank has told to me that I will require in number of the control of a remittance (MTCN), I should have this number what to receive your help!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Russian Dating Scam Check

The Russian Dating Scam Check offers ways to protect yourself against being scammed in Russian dating industry. This online private investigator business can make a professional Russian scam check for western men seeking wife in Russia and other FSU countries. On their website you can find alphabetical listings with names of known Russian scammers involved in online dating fraud. This is not a law enforcement agency, but a background screening service that can provide you with a quickly updated database of names, email addresses and street addresses known scammers have used. As a flower delivery service partner, the Russian Dating Scam Check are usually the first to know about new aliases used by scam people. Check out!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Russian scammers blacklist update

Angelica Semenova from Cheboksary, Russia
Lyudmila Matveeva from Cheboksary, Russia
Olga, Cheboksary, last name unknown
Dating scammer Ekaterina from Cheboksary, Russia
Elena Gorlanova
Dating Scammer Marina Kushakova
Nataliya Kuklina
Dating Scammer Anna Ivanova from Anapa
Angelica Tesmeeva
Elena Klementeva
Larisa Koldybaeva
Sedyh Maria

Kirpichnikova Oksana from Cheboksary, Russia, airfare and visa fraud:

Sometimes Russian dating scammers work in teams that are needed for writing and sending love letters to foreigners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the sole aim to generate the profits. Ultimately that one naive random individula is spotted and seduced to rush to the neartest Western Union office thinking a desperate model quality beauty girl will soon be serving his every need. English speaking girls often hired to return phone calls to victims, posing as a girl on the picture. The scam is normally being fueled by the victim's own greed. Instead of settling for a marriage minded homely girl, he wants a slim 18 year old supermodel, even if his own appearance and financial income leaves much to be desired. Exactly for the same reason male victims of mail order bride scams will hardly report the crime out of fear of exposing himself for even more humilation.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

No scam, pre-screened Russian brides

Here's a blog, featuring selected Russian brides that are GENUINLY marriage minded: