Sunday, October 25, 2009

Russian Scam Database

Russian scam database update:

  1. Alisa Korablewa, Russia, Penza, e-mail:
  2. Elena Shipovskaya, Russia, Surgut,
  3. Zyryanova Valentina, Russia, Tomsk,
  4. Marina Rahmanova, Russia, Saratov,
  5. Irina Sultanova, Russia, Izhevsk,
  6. Nargizakhon Atamedova, Uzbekistan, Tashkent,
  7. Tatyana Bessonova, Russia, Tambov,
  8. Nigar Rzaguliyeva, Azerbaijan Baku,
  9. Olga Shtonda, Ukraine Lugansk,
  10. Irina Medvedova (Medevedeva), Ukraine Lugansk,
  11. Lesya Ignatenko, Ukraine Lugansk,
  12. Elena Dneprova, Ukraine, Lugansk, e-mail not available
  13. Nina Finogeyeva, Ukraine, Lugansk,
  14. Irina Ustinova, Ligansk
  15. Nina Chernova, Ukraine, Kiev
  16. Daria Zarubetskaya, Irina Zvanskaya, Darina Morozova - all from Kiev
  17. Boldireva Galina, Russia, Moscow,
  18. Olga Smirnova, Ufa, Russia, email not available

Indian Dating Scam

This is a a sample of a primitive attempt from a beginner scammer, which looks sooner like a spam e-mail:

From: atif mattar,

Hi Dear,
How are you doing?I am new here and you can call me Joyce,I am in search of a true and trust worthy friend whom I can trust as I have the believe that a good friend is better than a bad relative.I have gone through your profile and you met what I need in a man.I believe age,color or distance can never be an obstacle where a true emotion is flowing.I will be waiting for your message to my email here ( that I can send you my photo and also tell you more about me as I have important thing to discuss with you.