Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dating Scammer Ekaterina, Western Union Scam, Visa Scam

Following some requests from men seeking marriage abroad, specifically in Russia, we have performed some research on the Internet, and here's what we've come across:

My Loved --!

I am very happy to see your letter! I wish to tell to you many thanks, for that you do not leave me in heavy time. I see, that you understand - that to me difficultly here in the big city without your support. I am happy to read your warm gentle words. My Loved --, today I have visited the airport, I time have spent long time at the airport, considered the various prices for tickets, and as flight dates. The prices for tickets depend on a class of the plane and flight date.....

Now do your own conclusions.

Ekaterina Demeneva
Please, mind, that the picture this Russian dating scammer "Ekaterina Demeneva" may belong to a different person. Moreover, "Ekaterina" may turn out even a male:))))) At least we can tell you that this picture and these personal data are being used in a Russian online dating defraud scheme.

Well, let's go ahead, here's what you are expected to get next:

It will be very good, if you send me money through western union. It will help to issue my visa faster. Now I want you will give you the information in which to require. It is the bank address in which there is an office western union, and my full name. Here the necessary information:

Also the employee of bank has told to me that I will require in number of the control of a remittance (MTCN), I should have this number what to receive your help!

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