Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pistures of Russian Scammers

We have just updated our blacklist with some pictures, that have been noticed to be used by Russian online dating scam artists. Nobody still knows who stands behind these pretty faces, but we know for sure that if you receive an unsolicited offer of contact with any of these images attached, you are most probably being attempted to be scammed. Put them on you personal Russian scammers blacklist too and stay alert and vigilant!

Russian Romance scam perpetrators are seeking new ways of getting money out of your wallet, gentlemen, and it happens from time to time that a love letter from a certain beautiful Irina or Nastya that you discovered in your mailbox have been actually composed by a male "correspondence partner" posing as a beautiful Russian girl.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Scammer from Ukraine

Late in February 2010 a new suspected scammer was reported, this time it was a certain girl by name Marina (or someone posing as "Marina"), from Ukrainian city of Khmelnitsky, who didn't reveal her Second Name. The e-mail address this Russian romance scammer used was The person using, this identity in correspondence, uses (or pretends to be using) a translation agency and she contacts men with an aparent intention to ask them for money to pay for translations. And, guess what? Another man she wrote to was smart enough to anticipate the imminent request of funds and wrote to Marina that there are some Russian girls in the Russian (Ukrainian) online dating industry who would make living by defrauding western men of money under the pretext they need cash to pay to a translator. After such reply Marina interrupted correspondence and never showed up again. We believe this evidence is enough to mark Marina from Khmelnitsky (Khmelnitskiy) as scammer and put this person's known identity details on blacklist. Attention: be aware that the photo may belong to a differnet person that could be completely unaware someone uses it.