Saturday, September 5, 2009

Russian scammers blacklist update

Angelica Semenova from Cheboksary, Russia
Lyudmila Matveeva from Cheboksary, Russia
Olga, Cheboksary, last name unknown
Dating scammer Ekaterina from Cheboksary, Russia
Elena Gorlanova
Dating Scammer Marina Kushakova
Nataliya Kuklina
Dating Scammer Anna Ivanova from Anapa
Angelica Tesmeeva
Elena Klementeva
Larisa Koldybaeva
Sedyh Maria

Kirpichnikova Oksana from Cheboksary, Russia, airfare and visa fraud:

Sometimes Russian dating scammers work in teams that are needed for writing and sending love letters to foreigners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the sole aim to generate the profits. Ultimately that one naive random individula is spotted and seduced to rush to the neartest Western Union office thinking a desperate model quality beauty girl will soon be serving his every need. English speaking girls often hired to return phone calls to victims, posing as a girl on the picture. The scam is normally being fueled by the victim's own greed. Instead of settling for a marriage minded homely girl, he wants a slim 18 year old supermodel, even if his own appearance and financial income leaves much to be desired. Exactly for the same reason male victims of mail order bride scams will hardly report the crime out of fear of exposing himself for even more humilation.

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