Friday, February 13, 2009

Russian scammers blacklist updated. Olga

I do not know how to begin, because I am new in it. I have never thought that I will use internet to find a right person for myself., but it was necessary to make it.Then I to address in the Internet agency of acquaintances and to learn your address of mail. Also has decided to write to you. and think that you are interesting person, do not you think so??? :)) And I would like to try to communicate with you and learn you. What do you think? I think maybe we can find something general between us, and become good friends, andmaybe more, time will show. You can also look at myPhoto and decide write me back or not, but I would like you to answer of course:))). Now I shall wait the answer from you on my address: ( free to write meI will wait for your answer very much.Little kisses :))Olga.

This e-mail was received from Yes, she is really "new in it", so she's not so far too inventive. :)

Here's one more Elena trying to scam western men

You gave me your e-mail on dating site, I am so sorry for long reply,but I hope that you can remember me? Anyway I would like to continueour correspondence if you will not be against, ok? Answer me soon,I will be waiting for you
Sincerely Elena

If anyone was scammed by this con artist, feel free to post your comments

Russian scammer Elena, who contacts men from

Here's one of the e-mails this Elena sent to one of her designated victims, who was smart enough to report her:
Hello, my name is Elena.
I’ve found your profile at megafriends.comI’m looking for some kind of seriously relations, and dating. I liked your profile, so hope you will reply to me. I attached my photo, so you can watch at me.About me… I like sport, and i live in active tag. I like to read, and listen music, want to find some one who reallykind, who will care about me, who will loves me…Well more information i’ll write you on your reply.
The scammer uses e-mail address

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Albahtina Olga - Dubovka, Russia

Details: Olga contacts single western marriage minded men from Yahoo Personals using pre-written letters. She's alleged to have scammed US$ 1,100 for visa and tickets. Scams many men at the same time. For contact uses phone # 902 670 2257 and email

First found on

Abromova (Abramova) Natalia (Natasha) - St. Petersburg, Russia

Details: This girl would send you her passport and visa details. Once you have exchanged a couple of e-mails, she would say she's willing to come to your country and send you scanned photos of her air tickets. Afterwards the scammer would ask men for $US 600 so she would be allowed to leave Russia ( St Petersburg). She asks to send the money via Western union. Once cash arrives, she just "disappears".

Known details associated with this scammer girl: Phone: 011-7-812-950-2437 Address: St. Petersburg 194357, Moskovsky Street 40, #20, Russia Email:,

Abdulina Olga Vladimirovna - Kazan, Russia

Information associated with this picture and these personal details: "Visa and tickets" scam. The fraud scheme normally looks like following: the girl (or whoever stands behind her) initiates the contact, falls in love with you, wants to visit you, asks money for visa and tickets.

Phone: 902 670 2257 Email:

Whoever was scammed by this perpetrator, feel free to post comments!