Friday, May 15, 2009

Green Card Scam Is Worse Than Immigration Visa Scam

Among variety of Russian dating/marriage scam types the so-called Green Card Hunter scam is considered the most dangerous, and this is for good reason. These women target not just American men, but also men from Canada, Great Britain, Australia, or generally any other western country offering good standard of living. They regard single western marriage minded men as sort of vehicle to help them immigrate and receive permanent residence status within the shortest possible period of time. Potential victim needs to be rich enough to be able to bear all visa and the immigration process expenses, and possibly, if looking further, be capable to pay good financial settlement when ending in divorce (for the divorce is also what they normally plan while still in Russia or Ukraine, or any other former USSR country).

Typically this sort of scammer is a woman with a child from her previous marriage to a Russian husband, and often after a second divorce, greedy for gifts, emotionally unstable, with abrupt changes in her mood, but generally with a clean background record. Even if you hire a private investigator to run sort of a background check on her before making up your mind to travel to Russia to meet her in person, you'll discover nothing special except for her divorced status or that she's actually in the process of divorcing her Russian husband (maybe, the second one).

Normally these con artists are well aware of the fact that legislatures of the developed countries of the West have enacted strict laws providing for protection of foreign spouses of their citizens, and they are informed about the ways they could benefit from those provisions, namely from the right to keep the right to apply for residential status/citizenship in case of getting a divorce on pretext of being abused in spousal/domestic relationship. It is to be taken into account that these Russian female scammers are typically sly enough to fake the signs and even produce witnesses of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse that actually took no place in reality. Creativity is what they by no means lack.

In many cases they would instruct their own child or children what to say so their accusations against their American or Western European husband would look and sound convincing. The existing legal system of the western countries makes it very difficult for husbands of mail order wives to prove they are innocent victim of a trivial Russian marriage scam that had started online on the Internet many months ago, rather than abuser or offender. Laws do protect a woman and her children. If ultimately you do turn smart enough and act intelligently to defend yourself, you, as a husband, all the same will end up emotionally broken, and good for you, if not totally destroyed financially. Therefore think twice, or better ten times before hurrying to enter marriage during the time she is still on her fiancee visa stay in your country. Think carefully, observe her behavior, and do not hesitate to dismiss you plans of marriage should you notice any small unfamiliar and unpleasant signs of behavioral change in her. Hopefully you'll be not that one western man a Green Card scammer designated as a victim to be used in her predatory plans. Remember, such scam minded woman is who normally would leave the marriage as easily as she had entered it, leaving her (next) husband relieved from his financial savings and good thing for man, if not with unexpected burden of new financial obligations like court ruling ordering to support her until she finds new source of income.


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