Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Latest additions to blacklist of Russian scammers

* Rita Muftahutdinova (Tomsk, Russia)
* Anastasiya Pushkareva ( Albrest, Russia)
* Elena Marshanova (Suslonger, Russia)
* Alena Lebedkina
* Anastasiya Belljanina
* Svetlana Mikhneva
* Elena Ergardt (Kaliningrad, Russia)
* Svetlana Mihneva aka Svetlana Shustowa
* Dariya Chekanowa
* Natalya Suvorova
More additions to come soon.


WILLIAM said...

I have to add the following received scam e-mails from Valeria (Lera) from Asbest Ekaterineburg Russia
Natali Mechta from Vurnary, Chuvesh Republic Russia and Nadezhhda from Seversk, Russia

Big scam option they used different pictures to lure contact and proceed according but I recognize early the scam counter question them never reply back

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Anonymous said...
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nowhereman72 said...

this girl is writing to me, i am from mexico the mail that she give to me is

nowhereman72 said..., olga from Cheboksary russia

False Comments said...
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