Saturday, March 13, 2010

Scammer from Ukraine

Late in February 2010 a new suspected scammer was reported, this time it was a certain girl by name Marina (or someone posing as "Marina"), from Ukrainian city of Khmelnitsky, who didn't reveal her Second Name. The e-mail address this Russian romance scammer used was The person using, this identity in correspondence, uses (or pretends to be using) a translation agency and she contacts men with an aparent intention to ask them for money to pay for translations. And, guess what? Another man she wrote to was smart enough to anticipate the imminent request of funds and wrote to Marina that there are some Russian girls in the Russian (Ukrainian) online dating industry who would make living by defrauding western men of money under the pretext they need cash to pay to a translator. After such reply Marina interrupted correspondence and never showed up again. We believe this evidence is enough to mark Marina from Khmelnitsky (Khmelnitskiy) as scammer and put this person's known identity details on blacklist. Attention: be aware that the photo may belong to a differnet person that could be completely unaware someone uses it.


rarivk said...

Hi People

want to confirm that the Marina is proper lady who was looking for the right person. and hang her like this is terrible. the girl is nice and earthy and there are not any problems with her, so I hope you can remove her from the list. I know her. you do not know what you're talking about.

habitar said...

I did receive some of these e-mail with beautiful photos, lots and lots of them. But I've never sent money.

RussiAmore said...

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Unknown said...

One must be very careful in dealing with girls from Ukraine because with their stunning beauty they are so good to be true. That's why when you want to be a member of a dating website, know the person well and have a webcam chat to verify the identity.

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