Saturday, February 13, 2010

Scammers from Saransk, Russia

Olga Patsyuk, Russian dating scammer on blacklist

This is the picture that was used by a Russian dating scammer associated with the name Olga Patsyuk from Saransk. Actually, the picture may belong to a different person, as well as the identity Olga Patsyuk may be stolen too.

Other russian dating scammers from Saransk with some details:
1) Julia Gorodnicheva - Komsomolskaya 2-78, Saransk or Khmelnitskogo 12-76, Novosibirsk or Sverchkova St 3-35, Cheboksary, Russia
2)Iraida Belyaeva - Saransk Russia
3)Julia Gorodnicheva - Saransk Russia


  • Nastya Pajduganova - Saransk Russia
  • Somova Saransk
  • Olga Rozkova Saransk
  • Korotkova Saransk
  • Natalia, from Saransk, Russia
  • Rozkova, Saransk,
  • Natalia Volkova, or Nataliya Volkova Saransk
  • Marina
  • Nastya Afanaseva
  • Olga Rozkova Saransk
  • Elena, Saransk, uses e-mail address
  • Scammer Anastasia Fedorova from Sransk, Russia, caught trying to pursue visa/tickets type of scam. This scammer may be a person of any gender, and normally he/she uses photos that belong to other women.
  • Svetlana Gausheva,, scams single gentlemen asking for correspondence expences through Western Union
  • Snezhana Fiodorova (Fedorova)
  • Yulia Korobkova from Saransk, Moldova (Moldovia, Moldavia)
  • Valeriya (Valya) Shaygardanova - Gagarina St 38a, Saransk , Russia
  • Anastasiya Semenova Titova Street 144, Saransk , Russia
  • Evgeniya Schegoleva from Saransk, Russia, was seen operating via yahoo personals, asked to wire her money for visa
  • Valya Shaygardanova, Russia Saransk 38A, 9 Gagarina Str, associated with e-mail

  • Ekaterina Gulyanova,, Saransk Russia
  • Maria (Masha) Milogradskaya - Mira St 5-1, Saransk, Russia
  • Olga Kovalenko, Olga Patsyuk from Saransk, Russia

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